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2009-05-10 17:48:58 by LightPen

.....................................G ET YOUR GLOW-STICKIES OUT KIDDIES...............................


Changed My Mind, And Double Digits.

2008-10-23 13:00:10 by LightPen

After much thought, sparked by recieving many reviews saying that I have put my songs under the wrong genre. I have decided this is correct.... since my attempts on DnB have led me to more techno =/.

Now I have decided that im not going to try and be DnB when I clearly am not, it's all about the techno from now on. My new song, which I love to bits, 'You Know What Is Real' is what swayed me in the end to this new path. Maybe it does still sound Drum And Bass'ish', but I think at it's heart it is Techno =).

Thank-You =D.

First Series Completed

2008-10-10 11:46:26 by LightPen

Hooray that's my first 8 songs done. Looking good, still want to get some better software for composing (mine sucks....really), anyway When You Answer Loudly is doing very well right now and I'm glad people are enjoying it. If you are reading this, remember to check out my latest song... which I think deserves to be heard =)

Thank-You for all the support.

Going Well

2008-09-07 07:43:25 by LightPen

Songs are getting better and 4 so far, good votes on the whole but need more promotion. Must find a way of doing this that doesn't involve my toaster.


More songs on the way next week, will make at least 3. Getting serious on the effort and quality of the sounds mixing together, may not release until finished all songs.


Forever Snare is now the highest voted submission in Drum N Bass on the audio portal ever. For now =D.

New Account For Music

2008-09-06 07:47:57 by LightPen

Hi there, my name is Elliot and I live in the U.K. I have purchased some music software recently and have been playing on it... mixing songs and what not.

All of my submissions are audio and I have a few so far. Please check them out and review kindly =). If not then please comment on how I should improve them.

I should be creating some more soon, hopefully more complex and custom-made to suit the mood.